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Especially now, with so many in distress, community outreach is essential to achieving our goal of improving access to quality mental health services. Wherever and whenever there’s a need, morning or night, 7 days a week, we are there, offering support, guidance and resources.

Outreach in Action


NYPCC has been a pioneer in addressing bullying. We established the first anti-bullying coalition in the Bronx to create awareness of the signs of bullying, help children and parents learn strategies to deal with the problem, and connect families with support resources. This led to the very first annual Anti-Bullying Fair in the area. Due to the fair’s success, it is now an annual event.

Community Crisis

Our team is among the first to be contacted when there’s a crisis in the community. For example, the Mayor’s office calls on us to visit and provide support to families of fallen public servants.

School Crisis

Schools reach out to us to be part of their crisis team in the aftermath of suicide to provide support to the school and community.

Council Engagement

Members of the NYPCC leadership team serve as co-chairs on Borough Councils. Sponsored by the Office of Mental Health, these organizations provide guidance and educational resources to parents.

Local Businesses

Knowing that residents of our community have special relationships with their beauticians and barbers, NYPCC’s Outreach team trains these professionals and other local small business owners to recognize signs of mental health distress and how to offer help.

For Our Kids

NYPCC has provided support to school athletic departments of low-income schools, helping to bolster young people’s confidence.

Community Events

We engage in a variety of community events: festivals, forums, graffiti removals and block “clean ups.” We also work with local churches to educate their congregants on mental health and available services.

Food Drives

Each year NYPCC organizes holiday food drives to support schools in areas where large percentages of children are living in temporary housing. We believe that during the holiday season no parent should have to choose between buying gifts or groceries.


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