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If you have a passion to make a difference in people’s lives…

If you believe that everyone deserves access to exceptional mental health services...

including those individuals who are so often overlooked…

NYPCC is the place you want to work.

Our outstanding team of professionals not only share a sense of purpose, they have a tireless work ethic that stems from a deep commitment to caring.

We always welcome talented, bilingual staff members of varying experience levels from within or near the communities we serve—dedicated individuals who want the opportunity to give back and make a lasting contribution.

If you are a recent graduate

NYPCC is one of the few mental health organizations to hire non-licensed practitioners. We offer actual clinical practice with children, adults and families—with training and supervision—and will support and assist you through the licensing process.

The advantages of working here

  • A generous entrepreneurial compensation package that allows you to control your earnings.
  • A flexible work schedule (we are open 7 days a week and evenings).
  • A supportive, collaborative family atmosphere and a fast-paced environment.
  • The opportunity for professional growth in an organization that employs the latest evidence-based therapies and methodologies.
  • A financially strong and stable company that is continually growing.

If you are more experienced

NYPCC will give you a wealth of opportunity to work with children, adults and families, often on serious and complex cases of trauma and abuse. We will also support you in your career growth if you choose to move on to a supervisory role.

Most importantly, you will be part of an amazing mission-driven team in an environment where your talents and contributions will be appreciated and rewarded.

NYPCC is a collaborative, diverse, supportive and fast-paced environment—challenging, rewarding and never boring. 

We not only care for our clients, we care for one another. We exchange ideas, support each other, and celebrate accomplishments. We laugh and have fun together.  As mental health experts, we understand the importance of balance.

Here is what our staff members have to say:

…They’ve recognized me over the years, validated my hard work, given me the opportunity to prove myself...They saw leadership in me.
They do a lot to boost staff morale. There are HR perks, a lot of team building, Yankee games, paint nights, candy bars on birthdays, holiday gifts. They really believe in staff appreciation and remind us we are doing important work.
I have been blessed with opportunities here. I’ve gone from a temp to a full-time employee. I finished school when I worked here. My schedule was flexible. They’ve always encouraged me.
…Elliott came in and knew my name…I never forgot that. It made me feel good.
…I know my supervisor is there for me. I know I can find him and contact him. I like that reassurance.