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NYPCC has touched the lives of thousands of New Yorkers. Here are just a few of our clients’ success stories—what we have achieved together. Our doors are always open for you if you need us.

Breaking the cycle of depression

I‘m a 52 year old mom and I’ve been dealing with depression most of my life. I was abused as a child and tried to ignore it all of these years. I was told by my parents never to speak about the abuse since no one would ever believe me. I went to my doctor and he told me that I should go to NYPCC since they offer excellent mental health services. I live in the Bronx and pass their clinic on my way to drop my kids off at daycare every day.

One day, I just walked in and asked if they could see me. They said that they could give me an appointment right away. I have a great therapist who has helped me talk about my past so that we can talk about my anger. She has also helped me deal with my depression. It was just small suggestions that also helped me, like take a walk in the sunshine, or treat yourself to an ice-cream.

I actually look forward to seeing my therapist every week. She has helped me build my confidence and feel better about myself. I feel that I’m a better mother to my children thanks to NYPCC.

New hope as a single mom

I’m dealing with really bad postpartum depression, I got pregnant and I’m 23 years old. My parents won’t speak to me so I’m all alone living in a homeless shelter. A friend of mine told me about Jennifer, a therapist at NYPCC who helped her with some of her problems. Jennifer has been awesome, she found me a shelter for single moms and a care coordinator also found me a part time job so that I can support my adorable son Jeramiah. I just really feel that my therapist is always there for me whenever I start to have bouts of depression.

A brighter outlook, a fresh start

At the start of my treatment, I was a hot mess. I was paranoid, my anxiety was triggered by most things in my everyday life, I had trouble going to school, I had trouble showering. I had trouble even sitting and sleeping.

After three years and a lot of work, I was able to salvage my relationships and friendships, I was able to finish high school and go to college, and I’m even comfortable going outside and on public transportation, which I never imagined would be possible in the beginning. I’m still working on being able to approach people, make new friends and improve my social skills, but I know I’m getting better.

My experience with my therapist, psychiatrist and NYPCC has been so great I’ve recommended the clinic to a lot of my friends and they’ve been helped as well.

Coping with bullying

I received a call from my son Julio’s school telling me that my son was having trouble making friends and that he gets bullied at recess. There have been times where my son has gotten punched and ended up with some bad bruises because of terrible bullying.

I was referred to NYPCC and from the minute my son walked into the clinic and met his therapist, he smiled. We were assigned to Mark which was great since I’m a single parent and my son doesn’t have a strong role model. Mark spoke to him like a dad and really gave him the facts in a straightforward way. He gave him the skills that he needed to go back to school and deal with these issues. He even encouraged him to participate in a drawing contest that the clinic was having for the holidays. It felt right dealing with Mark who always was so professional.

NYPCC has not only helped our son, Julio, but they have also helped our whole family.