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Caring for the Community

We are actively engaged in our communities.

To fight mental health stigma and educate the community on available mental healthcare resources, we conduct educational programs at schools, healthcare facilities, and community-based organizations. NYPCC also participates in health fairs and community events. Our community involvement is available 7 days a week, morning and evenings, and is free and open to the public.

Community Outreach During Covid-19

Never before has NYPCC been called upon to offer this level of outreach—the pandemic necessitated a complete re-thinking of our approach. Our outreach team started with daily conferences so they could be updated on what was happening in the community, and in the news, because our outreach efforts depended on it.

Our goal was to make sure people in our communities stayed informed and safe—and knew what resources were available to them. We put on our masks and disseminated information to pharmacies, supermarkets, local grocery stores, funeral homes, food pantries, NYC schools grab-and-go initiatives, face mask distribution sites, COVID-19 antibody and testing sites, as well as at the Mayor’s Open Street initiative. In addition to disseminating important information and hand sanitizers to the community, we also helped the NYC Parks Department distribute face masks.

During the lockdown, NYPCC developed a much stronger presence online by creating a discussion group called NYPCC CAFÉ to engage the community in conversation, offer tips to manage stress and stay relaxed, and share resources. We also actively participated in all types of community forums, webinars, online workshops, and training sessions. Our outreach team will continue to be there, out in the community—wherever we’re needed and for as long as necessary.