NYPCC is comprised of a network of six treatment facilities located in Brooklyn, Queens and The Bronx


NYPCC’s Child and Family Mental Health Centers, located in East New York and Bushwick, Brooklyn and “the Heart of the Hub” in The Bronx, offer individual and family psychotherapy to adults, adolescents, and have been designated by the NYS Office of Mental Health as specialty clinics for children, providing both long-term treatment as well as crisis intervention, assisting clients to increase their ability to manage personal problems. Learn More


NYPCC operates three clinics located at adult homes, providing continuous treatment and support services. NYPCC’s programs, in conjunction with case management and peer support services, aid in the rehabilitation and recovery of the residents, assisting their re-entry into the workforce and into independent housing. Learn More


Gateway to Wellness is a new Care Management program implemented by NYPCC to enhance the current behavioral health services we provide throughout Brooklyn, Queens and The Bronx. Gateway to Wellness permits us to add Comprehensive Care Management, Care Coordination/Health Promotion, Comprehensive Transitional Care, Enrollee and Family Support and Referral/Linkages to Social and Community Supportive Services to our current array of Behavioral Health Treatment services.

This Care Management service model allows the professionals involved in a member’s care to communicate with one another so that all of the client’s needs (Medical, Behavioral Health and Social Services) are identified and addressed in a comprehensive and therapeutic manner. This coordination of services is done primarily through an assigned Care Manager/Care Coordinator. This coordination of care is designed to assure that members have access to Primary Care Physicians (PCPs), Housing Options, Entitlements Advocacy, Referrals to Employment/Educational Training, Crisis Intervention and many other supportive service needs that may be identified during the course of treatment.

NYPCC’s Gateway to Wellness initiative will ensure that our patients have the services and supports they need in place in an effort to reduce unnecessary Emergency Room visits and Hospitalizations, allowing them to remain healthy in their community, while attaining an appropriate client centered level of Wellness.

As a Downstream Provider of Health Home Care Management Services, Gateway to Wellness is dedicated and committed to providing a level of care that emphasizes the overall betterment of clients and their families.